Aircraft Detailing

At Sonoma Jet Center we are glad to offer you and your aircraft a full range of detailing services. These detailing services can be completed during your visit to Sonoma County, whether it’s a weekend getaway or a business trip.  Below are a few examples of our detailing services.  Call us today for any detailing needs!

Trip Ready   As a quick service provided to accommodate passengers in a short amount of time. It’s not a deep cleaning but rather a quick transformation to appeal to the passenger and provide a clean and comfortable environment for their flight.

Dry Wash   A service that removes all grease, bugs, dirt, and soot from the aircraft (excluding the gear wells) by hand. We utilize chemical cleaners that are safe on painted and metal surfaces that do not require rinsing with water. This cleaning can be performed in a hangar or out on the ramp (weather permitting).

Wet Wash   A complete exterior wash of the aircraft utilizing mild aviation grade soaps and degreasers removing all grease, bugs, dirt, and soot from the aircraft (excluding the gear wells).

Interior Detail   An extensive cleaning of the interior which includes the cabin, cockpit, galley, lavatory, and the main door entry.

Bright Work   Machine buffing and polishing the aluminum surfaces on the aircraft such as the leading edges of wings, vertical and horizontal tail section, and the engine inlets or spinners. This will remove the oxidation, cloudiness, and minor scratching form the surface of the metal leaving a mirror like finish.

De-ice Boots Strip/Seal   A service that restores the sleek shine to the de-ice boots on the aircraft by stripping the old sealant (if necessary) and applying new coats to protect and condition the rubber.

Permagard   Factory trained on Permagard brand high-performance protective coatings designed to meet the high standards of the aerospace industry.

Paint Restoration   Machine buffing oxidation and paint imperfections to give paint a like-new appearance and lengthen the life of the painted surfaces.

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