Joshua and Julie Hochberg, who head the aviation management firm South River Aviation LLC, have recently acquired the assets of the former Sonoma Jet Center LLC.

The new enterprise will be operated by New Sonoma FBO Inc. and will do business as Sonoma Jet Center (SJC). SJC is one of two full-service fixed base operators at the KSTS-Charles M. Schulz – Sonoma County Airport.

“We are bullish on aviation in Sonoma County,” said Joshua Hochberg, the president of South River Aviation and New Sonoma FBO Inc. “Sonoma County Airport’s central location in the heart of the wine country and close proximity to northern California’s business centers make this a great airport for business and pleasure travel.”

The new ownership will keep general manager John Bridi and all the former SJC’s 14 full- and part-time staff.

“It’s a great team of employees that we are very excited to work with,” Joshua said. “They deliver superb customer service every day to every aircraft.”

The new owners plan to increase their marketing efforts, refine the facility’s appearance and expand SJC’s aircraft maintenance business.

“Some of the best mechanics in the area work at Sonoma Jet Center,” Joshua said. “We plan to grow the maintenance shop and expand its services.”

All line service employees will be trained with the industry-leading National Air Transportation Association’s Safety 1st Program. Joshua said that safety and professionalism were SJC’s first priorities.

Joshua is a pilot and aviation attorney and was previously an airline manager. Julia Hochberg, also a pilot, has experience in relationship marketing and corporate strategy and was previously a mechanical engineer. The Hochbergs own and operate a Mooney Ovation aircraft.

“Our breadth of experience both in and out of the aviation industry will enable SJC to provide safe, professional and outstanding service to all segments of the general aviation community,” Julia Hochberg said.